Moved 37 times.
Was once a butcher.
Certified Bee Keeper.

I really hate having my picture taken. 

I really hate having my picture taken. 



No, I'm not angry. 

Promise. What I am though, is a digital art director originally from Michigan looking to create great work that makes an positive impact in the universe. 

While in Michigan, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Michigan State University. During my time there I received a scholarship to study at the Roger Hatchuel Academy for Young Creatives at the Cannes Advertising Festival along with studying abroad in Rome, Italy.

From there I traveled on to Miami Ad School in Minneapolis to get certified in Art Direction.  This is where I received the best lessons from some of the best internships and teachers in the world. I experienced 3 incredible agencies within one year and really learned the meaning of working hard. 

I've learned from some of the best; The Barbarian Group in New York to Jung Von Matt in Germany.  What I have learned through all this is that,  I love to teach others, and that I am tireless when it comes to creation and learning new things.

More recently, my husband, tiny dog and I moved to Tampa, from New York City. We've recently purchased a home and inherited a dozen chickens.